5-MeO DMT .5ml Purecybin Overview

The powerful psychedelic is in a class of chemical compounds known as tryptamines together with psilocybin and DMT (N,N-dimethyltryptamine). It’s existing in a few crops and can be produced synthetically. Buy 5-MeO DMT .5ml Purecybin Online

It can be strongly suggested to follow harm reduction techniques when applying 5-MeO-DMT. A sober sitter or Lively facilitator can be certain an natural environment of physical and psychological security when utilizing this substance.

An N, N-DMT substantial feels like using a journey as a result of an unlimited tunnel that is definitely full of brilliant lights and asymmetrical fractals that fly about at lightning pace.

The hallucinations are exceptionally Visible, however the user may be able to keep them through coherence.

The God Molecule

  • .5ml
  • 150MG DMT
  • Fits easy with  510 thread cartridges
5-MeO DMT 0.5ml Purecybin 
5-MeO DMT .5ml Purecybin